Saturday, January 28, 2012

Plant It. Paint It. Eat It.

This is a painting of a delicata squash (a winter squash) that I grew this past season. It's a lot smaller than the ones I've grown in the past because it was a horrible growing season with a lot of rain and gray skies. I seem to be painting a lot of vegetables and other edibles, which I suppose is because I'm a gardener too, and find them very beautiful. It's a 6x8 on canvas paper (actually, I think it's actual canvas in a pad format). As always, I struggled with this (maybe painting is just like that???) and probably should have quit before I did. I'm thinking I may try to mount some of these on board, so I can frame them and hang them in my kitchen. I plan to roast this squash and have it for dinner.

Here's a photo of the actual squash (can you see why I found this pretty tricky?):

And here's my painting...

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