Friday, July 22, 2016

First Plein Air Painting!

Last weekend, I went camping at Fort Flagler, which is near Port Townsend in Washington state. I hauled way too much painting paraphernalia on the trip, and then didn't have that much time to paint anyway. But here's my little 8x10 painting of the woods at our campground, which I had to complete at home from memory and some very bad photos. But I had worked on it long enough in the field to establish the darks and lights (thank you, Mitchal Albala, for your demo on notan that I attended several months ago!) and the general direction and feel of the painting. 

No matter what I try, I can only get half the image  to post, but if you click it, the entire painting image will open in a new window or tab and you'll see the whole thing.  I'm going to leave it for now and try to adjust it tomorrow if I can.

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